Libik & Barakohar - historie

In the years 1989-1990, I was employed in I.N.R.A. close to Paris. On Easters 1990, my collegue Bertrand invited me to the house of his parent in Anger. There I met  two wonderfully red dogs for the first time. While I have no knowledge about the existence of such breed before Easterns, after them serious decision was made: My next dog will be irish terrier. Many years later, I found that parents of my collegue, Mrs. and Mr. Schwarz, belongs to the group of significant foundaters of the irish terrier's breeding  in France. Today I believe that it was chance to see results of all-life effort and experience of that kind people concentrated into two red jewels. Not only due that I never forget that Easterns.

After my return to Czechoslovakia, I tried to find some kennel of this breed. Finally in 1994, I bought female puppy from the oldest czech kennel - 'de Galupo' without plan to breed later. But many things changed since that time and in 1996 I registered the affix 'Barakohar'. In April 1997, my bitch delivered her first litter of nine puppies, among them I choiced one female as accompany to her mother. Since 1994 I was also employed at the Krakow University and dogs crossed border with me regularly. It caused that several co-workers has been infected with 'red virus' and several of them bought irish puppy later. First of them was my collegue Malgorzata Libik, which in 1999 bought puppy from the second litter of my bitch and registered the affix 'Libik' in Poland. In the meantime she changed the status from collegue to my friend and later from the friend to my wife.

Due that today we use affix ' Libik Barakohar'.

Our aim is to breed health dog with their typical irish temperament. For sure, we are glad, if dog achieves good evaluation, however successes in show rings are really not among our breeding priorities. It is possible to see it clearly in our house, where all our animals have a place, while cups are hidden in boxes in the garage.

 Tomáš Slavík